Shimano GRX 12-Speed

Shimano GRX Gravel Cycling lifestyle image in the sunset.

Shimano's latest GRX components, designed specifically for the burgeoning world of gravel cycling. The gravel category has been gaining momentum, and Shimano's dedication to providing top-notch components for this niche market is undeniable. What made this project even more exciting was that I wasn't alone in capturing the action; I was working alongside the talented video crew from Anthill Films.

The heart and soul of this project was, of course, the Shimano GRX components. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, they proved to be the perfect subjects for my lens. From the rugged durability of the drivetrain to the elegant design of the shifters and brakes, every aspect of these components spoke to the essence of gravel cycling. I wanted my still photos to convey the thrill of this sport, the grit of the terrain, and the precision that the GRX components brought to each ride. Whether it was capturing a cyclist tackling a steep, rocky incline or a close-up of the components' intricate craftsmanship, this project was a testament to the enduring partnership between Shimano and the world of cycling.

Collaborating with the Anthill Films crew added an extra layer of dynamism to the shoot. We were all driven by a shared passion for cycling and a mutual desire to showcase the incredible capabilities of the GRX components. The synergy between the still and video teams was palpable, as we bounced ideas off each other and synchronized our shots to create a cohesive visual narrative. Our goal was to capture the spirit of gravel cycling – the sheer joy of tackling rugged terrain and the precision of Shimano's components.

Here's a few images and screen-grabs that I shot along the way.