Western Rivers Conservancy | Bear River, Willapa Bay & the Yakima

Western Rivers Conservancy on the Bear Willapa River where a women looks through binoculars for birds.

Western Rivers Conservancy has been putting me on rivers to photograph for years now. Some rivers that they send me out on are well known and others are obscure and somewhat difficult to get into, the Bear River is one of those.

 The Bear River is a tributary of the Chehalis River, which eventually flows into Grays Harbor on the coast of Washington. 

The river and its ecology have been significantly impacted by human activities over time. The logging and farming practices in the area resulted in increased sedimentation and nutrient runoff, leading to degraded water quality and harm to the river's fish populations. Today, there are various efforts underway to restore the ecological health of the Bear River and that’s where Western Rivers Conservancy steps into basically bring a portion of the land back to a healthier state. 

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Yakima River and the Yakima Canyon Ranch where a  flyfisherwoman casts off a boat with a fishing guide.
One of the other rivers is the Yakima River which is an important waterway in Washington State, stretching over 200 miles from the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains to the Columbia River. I teamed up with Red's Fly Shop and they guided me around the Yakima, the owner has an immense knowledge of the river and its ecology. 

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