Backcountry Magazine Issue 151| The Isolation Issue


A few photos from the past landed in the Backcountry Magazine issue 151 which provides a thoughtful and nuanced look at the complex issue of isolation in the backcountry. This particular issue is about the isolation that comes with backcountry skiing and snowboarding. The articles in the issue explore the different ways that people experience isolation, both positive and negative. Some people find that isolation can be a time of peace and solitude, while others find it to be a time of loneliness and anxiety.

The issue also covers the Cascade volcano range in the article "Turns All Year" written by Tom Halberg, the author discusses the possibility of skiing year-round in the Cascade Mountains. He begins by talking about the history of skiing in the Cascades, and how it has evolved over time. I photographed the above image of Josh Dirksen and Forrest Shearer after we summited Mount Shasta in a complete fog bank in June of all months. Look at the photo close enough and you can hear the scraping of the boards.