Rock & Ice Magazine | Dean Potter | THE LAST INTERVIEW

Dean Potter holding up a Polaroid that says "Fly Free"
In the newest issue of Rock & Ice you will find Dean Potters last interview written by Patty Hodapp. Dean lost his life with Graham Hunt in the spring of 2015 in Yosemite during a wingsuit flight. It’s sort of ghostly reading the Q & A article honestly, it still feels like he’s with us. I remember shooting some photos of Dean and he intimidated me because he stood at 6 foot 5 and just stared at me not saying much at all. I think his dog Whisper which was a mini blue heeler made him less intense though even though his dog had some attitude as well. I took this peel apart Polaroid of him and had him write whatever he wanted on it and he wrote, “Fly Free / Dean.”

The last interview with Dean Potter and Graham Hunt.

The rest of the article can be read in print of Rock and Ice Magazine (ASCENT Issue 257).