BIKE MAG | Colin Meagher

Imagine if you only had two to four years to live, what the hell would you do with the rest of your life? That’s a reality for photographer Colin Meagher who was diagnosed with ALS at age 51. 
I have known of Colin for a while and finally had a chance to meet and hang out with him and his wife Nikki for an article for Bike Mag. Spending the afternoon photographing Colin was actually inspiring and far from sad. We dorked out on camera stuff and he showed me his archives of slide film of mountain biking dating way back, lots of stories behind each photo. Being around other creative minds helps me get my brain going again and stoked out and that’s what Colin did for me in that short time we spent together. From what I’ve gathered Colin doesn’t want pity, he just wants to live a full life. 

Here's the article that came out in the April issue of Bike Mag