Pleasure Snowboard Magazine

Jeremy Jones and Forrest Shearer on Mount Shasta.
This photo that landed in the recent issue of Pleasure Mag out of Germany of Jeremy Jones and Forrest Shearer on Shasta has a backstory. Forrest and I camped on the next ridge over the night prior and woke up at the butt crack of dawn to meet up with Jeremy who was camping and waiting out the storm for a few days. He sat through snow, rain and a crazy thunderstorm. Forrest and I dropped in on that far right ridge directly as the sun was coming up and it was a ice skating ring, pure ice. I honestly should have had my ice ax out because it was that bad. The sound of our boards scraping from a quarter mile away woke Jeremy up. He popped his head out of his tent and that was the first time I met Dr. Jones. He's a badass on all levels and I'm looking forward and scared for the next adventure with Jeremy.