Freehub Magazine | Issue 9.2 | Progression

Freehub Magazine  asked me about ‘progression’ in the sport of mountain biking for their new issue. It got me thinking about how wild biking has become but I’m old school so I always say look to the past to the creators and originators of the sport to see how far it truly has come. Some of the guys back in the day we’re doing super dangerous stuff and it was definitely more sketchy because of the geometry and functionality of the bikes. Going 20mph through a rock garden back then was basically a death sentence where the chances of your bike imploding were extremely high. The only constant is change in progression so who knows what will happen in the sport in a year or two, something mind-boggling I’m sure. 
That said, here’s Cam McCaul just doing what he does best having fun on a dirt mound with that smooth progressive style. 

One more of Cam McCaul in the contents page.