2018 Bike Magazine photo annual with Cam McCaul biking in Eastern Oregon.
Once a year Bike Magazine puts together an issue dedicated to photography. Two photos landed in there one of Cam McCaul in Eastern Oregon and the other being Carson Storch in New Zealand.

I think Anthony Smith from Bike Mag put it best,

We of course feel all magazines are best experienced in print--not just for the experience of feeling the actual pages in your hands, instead of scrolling through them on a screen, but because it causes us to slow down and actually digest the content. And we especially feel like the Photo Annual should be experienced by holding it in your hands. This year, the Photo Annual is anchored by a 32-page photo gallery, filled with the year’s best images shot by the photographers who dedicate their lives to capturing the moments that truly make us love riding, the beauty, the suffering, the risk and the rewards.

From sunbaked peaks, to dark, dank forests, the collection of photos in this year's Photo Annual attempts to stir up emotions that inspire us as mountain bikers. From the aspirational moments in perfect light on pristine trails, to difficult moments that make those experiences on a bike, for better or worse, unforgettable.  
These are all moments--the highs and the lows--that each one of us has experienced as riders. But it is the photographer who captures these moments. From the mundane to the unforgettable, and those images--like the ones contained within the following pages--will continue to make us curious, motivated and inspired to get out and ride. ” 

Professional biker Carson Storch in New Zealand.
Upside down before 7am in New Zealand. -Carson Storch

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