The Rich List | San Miguel Beer

Over this past summer I had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people while on a shoot for San Miguel Beer. One of those people is Sunny Stroeer, Sunny is an athlete, adventurer and photographer originally from Germany but now lives in Boulder, Colorado. I met Sunny in Hanksville, Utah on one of he hottest days of the summer and really the only relief was to get into a shady sandstone slot canyon. She has a great story to tell and there is a follow up video on San Miguel's site under the "Rich List" where they focus on people who live the rich fulfilling life.
Sunny's story can be viewed (here). 

Topher White is a rainforest technologist that works with the non-profit Rainforest Connection. He is doing some really inspiring work by traveling the globe and working with locals to help protect against illegal logging.
You can check Topher's story (here).

He also has a pretty cool TED Talk below as well.