Les plus beaux endroits pour courir | Hardcover

Books, remember those things? Seems that we need books more than ever in these weird times to combat the intellectual deficient but that's besides the point. The French publisher  Copyright Editions and the authors curated trail runs from all over the world and combined them into one large coffee table book. I'm not the best at the French language but I can tell you the title, "Les plus beaux endroits pour courir" means "The best places to run". There are some really cool locations and photos in this book, definitely worth a scan through it if you see it in a book store. 

Trail running active lifestyle in Iceland and Europe.
On page 108-109 there's a photo of Jacq Smith running alongside a southern beach in Iceland (that I can't pronounce). We photographed this over three years ago, it's crazy how fast time flies by but as they say in France, C'est la vie - "such is life". 

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