Patagonia | 2017 Mountain Catalog

Snowboarder Josh Driksen story in the 2017 Patagonia Catalog.
Just when I thought I knew snowboarding Josh Dirksen came in and showed me that I had a lot to learn. Dirksen showed me different ways to ride, travel safely and smoothly in the mountains using natural contours instead of forcing snowboarding into a weird state of big jumps, huge airs and violent landings that it's so known for. I think we all need mentors in life, I feel it should be a life long journey to learn new things and find people that inspire you. I certainly look up to this guy here, he is positive as all hell, a goofy footer like I am,  an encyclopedia when it comes to snowboard history/trivia and a person that has been in the sport for a long, long time.

This is a story that Patagonia put together on how Josh Dirksen spent this past season close to home and in the local hills. It is a multipage story written by Colin Wiseman and I am excited to see it come to print. It is also proof that you don't need to go to exotic places to get good snow or to have fun.

Professional snowboarder Josh Dirksen Patagonia mountain lifestyle catalog.

Josh Dirksen powder turn.
Of all the turns that Josh did last year this one is my favorite. Josh Dirksen- Oregon Backcountry.

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