Wiley X Eyewear | Visionaries | Tyler Roemer

When my friend who works on the creative department for Wiley X Eyewear approached me about doing a slice of life video I was a little hesitant. For me being behind the lens seems natural and being in front of it..well, seems awkward. Nonetheless, he basically said we can do whatever we want, so that got me thinking about all the possibilities (within reason).  Here is what we came up with, it's a behind the scenes look and a bit of a modus operandi if you will. I'm really happy with how it all came out. 

For the record, I don't see myself as a visionary, I view myself as a person who loves the outdoors with a need to create. Maybe one day when I'm 90 years old I'll be there but not today my friends. 

Client: Wiley X

Agency: Sasquatch
Art Director: Thomas Morris
Producers: Darren Utt & Emma Browne
DP: Liam Gillies
Camera Operator: Matthew Gromley
Sound Engineer: Alison Grayson
Drone Operator: Darren Utt
Camera Assis: Cam Östman
PA: Alec Carrier
Kayakers: Jacob Bouchelle, Trevor Lyden
Editor: Liam Gillies