1859 | Oregon's Magazine | December Issue

Night image of a glowing tent at the base of South Sister in Oregon.
Excited to see this image on the cover of 1859 Magazine of the December issue. This shot was up on South Sister, sometimes snow camping can be so easy and other times it can be a real test of your temperament with winds and snow flying everywhere. Other than minor frost bite on my toes (don't wear tight boots) this time camping was fairly straight forward. 

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clockwise- Josh Dirksen with the Dirksen turn.
Filmer Chris Edmands at base camp.
Tyge Shelby exploring the holiest of rocks.
Gunnar Oliphant and Josh Dirksen dig an avalanche test pit. 

Mount Thielsen Wilderness snowboarding, oregon.
Josh Dirksen Mount Thielsen Wilderness.