Transworld SNOWboarding | Josh Dirksen Interview

Snowboarder Josh Drikrsen.

--> Josh Dirksen makes snowboarding obtainable by finding his own rhythm in the mountains. This past season instead of going overseas to exotic locations like most of the other pros he decided to stay close to home to be near family and friends and to explore pockets of the Northwest that he has never seen or snowboarded before. In his 20+ years as a pro-snowboarder he found a sustainable way to ride and he still has his knees to prove it. Because of Dirksen’s positive attitude and surf style he is truly the snowboarders favorite snowboarder, that’s for sure. 
Below is the full interview on Dirksen's process in the November 2016 issue of Transworld SNOWboarding.

In Transition - Josh Dirksen's Perpetual Momentum

Josh Dirksen on 20 years of being a pro. 

Josh Dirksen snowboarding.
Dirksen's classic style coming to life. 

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