Transworld SNOWboarding 'Insight' Book

Every year Transworld SNOWboarding comes out with a movie highlighting some of the worlds best snowboarders, this year their movie was called 'Insight'.  I had the opportunity to chase and photograph Josh Dirksen while he filmed for his full part. His focus was on Oregon backcountry chasing down snowy windlips. Here's a look inside the 'Insight' hardcover book that Josh Dirksen and I photographed last season.

Cover- Elias Elhardt/Jerome Tanon 

Camo - Josh Dirksen
Location - Chemult, Oregon

December Opener
Location - Mount McLoughlin 

Dirksen waking up in the backcountry to find the powder that he was looking for.
Location - Mount McLoughlin 

Josh Dirksens last turn of the day.
Location - Mount Thielsen Wilderness

Dirksen searching in the backcountry.
Location - Mount Thielsen Wilderness

(left) Dirksen on the mega windlip.
(right) Josh and his daughter Allana photo Coin D Watt. This photo always makes me smile. 

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