Transworld SNOWboarding | Insight Movie Official Trailer

Transworld snowboarding magazine movie josh dirksen.
For over 25 years Transworld SNOWboarding Magazine has been bringing us the best content in the snowboard world hands down. I remember flipping through TWS Photo Annual over 20 years ago drooling over the photos. I always dreamed about shooting with them, well this past year TWS, Josh Dirksen and myself have been working closely together for his part in the new movie called, "Insight". I have been shooting stills alongside the filmers and it has been a wild ride that's for sure. The photo above was shot around the Oregon Cascades where Dirksen and the crew discovered this rock portal where the sun was beaming though, it was definitely a surreal moment. I'm so happy to see this image make the cut for the Insight Movie.

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