Two covers, one legend: Dean Potter

Rock and Ice magazine with Dean Potter on the cover. Issue 228 August 2015.
Well I always wanted to get the cover of Rock and Ice magazine but not with these unfortunate circumstances. Dean Potter as most of you know lost his life wing-suit flying in Yosemite National Park off of Taft Point with Graham Hunt on May 16th 2015, he was 43 years old. I always viewed Dean as the black sheep of the outdoor climbing world, not caving into other's world views. He truly did what he wanted to do in life, I didn't know Dean well but his actions spoke louder than words. Dean made a lot of people upset with his outdoor antics by scoffing at rules and regulations and by doing so he aroused conversation about what you should and shouldn't do in the outdoors, making him a controversial outdoor athlete figure.

(Above) Dean Potter in the August 2015 issue of Rock and Ice with a tribute to Graham Hunt and his life. I really enjoyed reading the 'Editors Note' where Jeff Jackson called out one of New York Times authors for not knowing what he was writing about. Journalistic integrity or op-ed piece from the NYT's?  I will let you be the judge of that one (here).

Dean Potter outside at Smith Rock in Oregon on the cover of Outside Magazine.
Dean Potter on the cover of Go Outside Magazine - Brazil Edition | photo Tyler Roemer