The Cleanest Line - Patagonia - Basin & Range

Proposed Basin and Range National Monument in Nevada - Patagonia Cleanest Line
The landscape of Nevada's Great Basin country is one of those places that I have grown to love. At first site these huge basins come across as dusty and desolate harsh areas with a feeling of nothingness. I still think there is a lot of nothing in these huge landscapes and they are harsh as hell but I also think that there are a lot of hidden gems in them as well.

The Conservation Lands Foundation sent us out to photograph this area for a week, their goal was to capture the vastness of the area and propose it as a future Monument. Ultimately, these photos are to be seen by politicians and the president who signs off on National Monuments. 

There were times on the trip where we thought we were going to get the rig stuck on the rugged roads and have to walk 100 plus miles to civilization. Obviously, we made it out but if you plan on making a journey out here make sure you are prepared for anything, Nevada will throw you some curve balls at you. 

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