New York Times | 52 Places to Go in 2015 | Bend, Oregon

Stand up paddle board at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon for New York Times -Travel
New York Times -Travel put me on assignment to photograph Bend, Oregon for their piece "52 Places to Go in 2015." I photographed quite a bit for this job where we headed up to the mountains, the breweries, and the desert to get images. It was fairly difficult to find that one specific image that encapsulates Bend, it truly has so much to offer. In addition to stills NYT had me shoot cinemagraphs (moving stills) which you will see on the desktop version. The funny thing is that was my first time I had filmed a cinemagraph, if you are on a big screen check it out (here). 

Pictured above is Jacq Smith stand up paddleboarding in the early morning hours at Smith Rock, Ore. 
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