This trip proved that when plans go wrong true adventure begins. Bike Magazine put us on a four day journey where we circumnavigated Mount Hood using the Cascade Huts as a refuge along the way. "The plan" was to start in Hood River and finish there, totaling close to 140 miles give or take. The problem with the huts is that they are hard to find, especially on dirt and snow covered roads with little to no signage. It was a serious pedal tour around Mount Hood spanning wide around logging roads and the occasional single-track. If you are a masochist that likes to ride mile after mile on dirt roads, then I highly recommend this tour. But as the story reads, it is the entire journey ––not just the good parts–– that makes these type of trips enjoyable. 

The story was written by the talented Graham Averill. 

Day two we got a little turned around, wet, and close to being hypothermic. That's what put us inside this outhouse close by Mount Hood Meadows.

(Clockwise) Kirt Voreis pouring a spot of tea, shot up road signage, wet soggy trails, and the luxuries of shelter. 

Kirt Voreis on some early season trail conditions. 

Mount Hood showing off a little at the Lolo Pass hut. It really does offer an insane view of the mountain. 

Surveyors Ridge Trail close to Hood River. 

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