FreeHub Magazine | Spring 2014

This journey will forever live in my mind as one of the best and weirdest trips of my life. It all started with an idea to mt. bike in Mexico with Jamie Goldman and Carson Storch. That idea became reality when we started speaking with IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) rep Ricardo Ganem. Next thing we know we are on a plane with multiple bike boxes in hand, heading for Real de Catorce, Mexico. At the time we knew nothing about the town other than it was mountainous with streets made of cobblestone. We basically pointed at a map and went. Here is the FreeHub Magazine article about our venture to inland Mexico. 
Words by Jamie Goldman

(above) Jamie Goldman on the cover with some local spectators. FreeHub typically does their covers like this one combining photographs with artwork.  

1956 Willies Jeep after a lightening storm that drenched us on a ride. 

 Jamie Goldman riding the rocky goat trails above the town of Real de Catorce.

Coming out of the one mile long tunnel that was built for silver miners back in the day.

Carson Storch checking out the foggy town of Real de Catorce. 

(left) A little burro help to get up the hill with some downhill bikes. (right) Carson Storch in the mountains. 

Jamie Goldman in a surreal landscape. 

Carson Storch and Jamie Goldman riding down the "Beginning of the Universe" trail. Some people travel far and wide walking hundreds of miles to come to this location, believing that this the beginning of the universe. 

(left) Jamie Goldman and Carson Storch above the 18th century silver mining town of Real de Catorce. (right) The first ever Latin urban bike park in Monterrey named Central Bike Park. A huge thanks goes out to the Central Bike Park for making this trip become a reality. Read more about the park on the IMBA page (here).

Watch the video on who is behind FreeHub and the production of the magazine.

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