Men's Journal | Mexico's Cycling Frontier

In the February 2014 issue of Men's Journal you will find a little writeup about our recent bike trip to Real de Catorce with Jamie Goldman, Carson Storch and the IMBA crew. It was seriously a surreal and at times crazy experience with these two bikers but we survived. 

Here is what the Notebook article reads, 

"Last November, Mountain bikers Jamie Goldman and Carson Storch raced 1,000 feet down a goat trail in central Mexico's Sierra de Catorce mountains- a newly discovered mecca for freeriders. The sport of barreling down natural terrain rather than established bike runs, big mountainfreeriding is the cyclist equivalent of backcountry skiing. Riding in the state of San Luis Potosi is akin to cycling in the south western U.S.- minus the crowds. " It looks like Utah with the dirt," says Storch. "The terrain is raw and rugged, and there's so much of it." Goldman and Storch rode mules up a narrow path to "the Begining of the Universe" - an ancient tribal shrine- and then biked down. "It's a dream scenerio," Goldman says, "because even though it's a technical run, the goats and donkeys have created a wider path for you to choose your line." The duo raced down the steep mountain trails -at one point, almost flying off a cliff - landing at the base of the mountain in Real de Catorce, a former silver mining town. "I've been traveling around the world for the past 12 years and have never done anything like Real, "Goldman says. "It was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity." -Marielle Anas