Nicaragua | The Latitude Project

 Recently, I had the opportunity to team up with the non-profit group "The Latitude Project" down in Nicaragua. Working with non-profits is guaranteed to be a good time and there is always going to be that hint of surprise, especially when it entails a different country. 

The Latitude Projects goals are simple, to help others that are less fortunate in a fun (non-guilty way). I spent two weeks with Jennifer & Alanna Tynan who are the founders of the non-profit to document their roofing project deep in the jungle. It was good not to be a tourist or traveler (which by the way is the same thing) but to do something completely out of my element. The time spent in the rural communities was priceless, I took away a lot by hanging out with the local Nicaraguans and by watching The Latitude Project make a positive real change. Here is small portion of the photos.

It's a road now but this is actually a river bed. The rainfall in Nicaragua averages out to 150 inches annually within just a few short months. 

 When I photographed and gave a couple Polaroids to the Mercados family they immediately started to cry and laugh out of pure joy. It was at that moment that I realized that they have only had one or two photos taken of them in their entire lives. Poverty in Nicaragua is real. 

Mercados Family. Nicaragua. 

Oh, the things you can find. I caught this puppy trying to breast feed from a pig...really strange. 

 Maderas Beach, Nicaragua.

Don't Drink the Water! Allana Tynan checking out the well. Nicaragua.  

This swine was two shades away from being a boar, so naturally I got really close to it. 

  It's not pink, it's faded red. Darwish got the shutter bug real quick. 

 Cole Blodgett & Allana Tynan doing work. 

Santos Mercado, one of the families that received a new roof. 

One of the first houses that the Latitude Project tackled. 

Rough Riders. Jennifer & Alanna Tynan. Nicaragua. 

 Hermosa Beach, Nicaragua. 

 Maderas Beach, Nicaragua.

Rex Calderon in his home stomping grounds. Maderas Beach, Nicaragua. 

 (left) Bennet Brown. Masaya Volcano. Rex Calderon. Maderas Beach, Nicaragua.

Grenada, Nicaragua. 

It's a jungle out there. To keep up to date on "The Latitude Project" visit their site (here)

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