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(above)Pro surfer Greg Long, Lincoln City, OR. 

Greg Long, Lincoln City, OR. 

Keith Galbraith & Eric Akiskalian. Lincoln City, OR.

 Fat lard ski. Lincoln City, OR. 

 Greg Long, Lincoln City, OR. 

  (left) Greg Long, Eric Akiskalian, Keith Galbraith, Shawn Thordarson, Lincoln City, OR.

 Keith Galbraith browsing the South Reef at Nelscott, Lincoln City, OR. 

 Carson Storch, Central Oregon. 

Carson Storch, Bend, OR. 

Daydreamer. Jon Lang, Smith Rock, OR. 

 Jon Lang, Smith Rock, OR. 

 Dean Potter, Smith Rock, OR. 

 Kera Tucker, Hosmer Lake, Bend, OR. 

Wildhorse Lake, Steens Mountains, OR. 

 Chriss R. Alvord Desert, Steens Mountains, OR. 

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