Patagonia | Santa Monica

 120ft X 2,000ft = exposure. In the Santa Monica Patagonia store you will find this photo of Brian Mosbaugh walking the 120 foot long by 2,000 foot tall "Long Rostrum" highline in Yosemite, California that we photographed last year in December. If your in the Santa Monica area make sure to check around the store for the print. 

(below) A couple behind the scene outtakes from the Long Rostrum line. 

You know that Dos Equis beer commercial with "The Worlds Most Interesting Man"? Well, Yosemite local Brayden Mayfield has him beat. When he's not rigging the Skycam for the NFL, getting his femur broken by the Skycam, making friends with pirates in Thailand he is found here in Yosemite rigging up a GoPro with Duct tape, wood, rocks and a piece of string. If you ever run into Brayden ask him to tell you a story, you won't be let down. 

One more piece of Duct Tape & it's ready to roll. Brayden Mayfield, Yosemite, California. 

Yes, that is an affirmative on Brian with no safety harness or leash. Brian Mosbaugh, Yosemite California. 

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