1859 Magazine | Backpack Issue

1859 Magazine approached me about photographing their cover for the upcoming 2014 summer issue. 1859's concept was simple, show backpacking in one of its simplest forms from the back. The 1859 crew all converged at Lookout Mountain in the Ochocos where this was shot. Other than some tremendously low blood sugar on the models part it seemed to work out nicely. 

Here are a couple more photo options for the cover that didn't make the cut for the July | August Issue. Check out a short little video on behind the scenes on 1859's Magazines site (HERE)

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JEM Raw Organics | Studio Photography

I love food, especially good quality food with real ingredients. When JEM Raw Organics approached me for a studio shoot I gladly agreed. This shoot was a little out of the norm for me but I have photographed studio products in the past and I love it! Controlling light and the subject matter is a nice change from the unpredictable outdoor world. 

JEM's ad campaign consisted of incorporating their ingredients in the shoot. With some styling magic by Jacq Smith, she made the ingredients look awesome! Here are a handful of selects from the shoot that are currently running as print campaigns and web promotions. 

JEM Cinnamon Red Maca headshots. 

Intentional Blends - JEM Raw 

Coconut Palm Sugar - One of the few ingredients that go into JEM. 

Messy, messy goodness. 

Intentional Blends - Sprouted Almonds 

Crazy colors of the Maqui Berry. 

Raw cacao nibs. 

Valentines Day promotional space for JEM's 8oz jars. 

Macro JEM Raw spice blend.  

 Camu Camu Berry explosion. 

Step 1 eat...

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Stand Up Paddler Magazine | FRAMES

It's nice to see this image resurface from our time up around Broken Top. Pictured here is filmmaker Eli Odegaard making his way on an iceberg while trying not to fall in the 33 degree water. We were just having fun with no exceptions when we brought the board up to this seasonal lake. It was a pain when we were hiking it up but it was all worth it when we got to this high alpine lake.

Found in the 2014 summer issue of Stand Up Paddler Magazine

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Bike Magazine | VOL 21 | NO 5

A little slice of life in the newest edition of Bike Magazine. Pictured here is Kirt Voreis in his bike cave and awards wall. I captured this image of Kirt early in the morning when he was prepping his bike for a full day of being on the saddle. Even though his shop is small I can spend hours in their looking at all the bike history that he has been part of.

Shot with the Canon 1DX and 24mm 1.4
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Travel Oregon | Guide

Travel Oregon is always stepping up their content, their new guide just came out with 166 pages of fun stories, places to check out, and photography. (above) Hiking in the the rugged Wallowas just outside the Eagle Cap Wilderness. 

Big in Japan. Ari Delashmutt making it into Travel Oregon's international guide with a image that we photographed when we were snow camping behind Broken Top. My Kanji is not so good but I think that says 'Table of Contents'. 

Crater Lake morning while we were on assignment with Travel Oregon. The night before we had some wild weather so it was so nice to wake up to a semi-warm morning sun. 

Mount Bachelor photographed from Tumalo Mountain. 

Steens Mountain camping above Big Indian Gorge. 

 Fly-fishing along the Mckenzie River. Check out the full guide (HERE)

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