Pleasure Snowboard Magazine | POWDER issue

Josh Dirksen on the cover of Pleasure Snowboard Magazine.
The folks at Pleasure Snowboard Magazine out of Germany have been quite nice to us this year. Their Powder issue has quite a bit of my photos in there including the cover and an interview with Josh Dirksen about snow camping and a list of necessities to bring along with you. Here's the catch's all written in German. 

Cover: Josh Dirksen with his classic turn. 

Interview with Josh Dirksen. 

The old man still has it... Josh left the ground for a while. 

Kohl Christensen and Dirksen taking in the morning view. 

Nils Mindnich and Dirksen with their early morning yoga to start the day off right. 

BIKE Magazine | Butcher Paper

This photo is an oldie that made it into the December 2017 issue of BIKE Magazine. This image is of Carson Storch hanging out after a long day of biking. Article written by Kristin Butcher. 

YETI Coolers | Panga Bag

It's always fun to see and test out products before they hit the shelves. The Panga bag might be one of my favorite products that YETI has made so far. This is definitely a burly bag that you can basically drop kick off a cliff and it would be fine.

Above: Cody Townsend preps the snowmobile for a ride into the yurt. 

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Coast Mountain Culture Magazine

Well it's good to see this spread below published from our friends up north in Canada from Coast Mountain Culture Magazine. Coast Mountain Culture is an awesome and free magazine out of British Columbia that focuses on sports and lifestyle in the pacific northwest and Canada.
Cover Rusty Ockenden photo by Scott Serfas. 

Here's the smorgasbord from left to right. Jonny Sischo, Willamette National Forrest. Elena Pressprich, Crater Lake and Josh Dirksen in the Three Sisters Wilderness.  

Patagonia Pro 2017 Catalog

Print ad of Patagonia clothing commercial brand catalog.
Well I wasn't expecting this one to land on the cover of the new Patagonia Pro Catalog but man, oh man am I stoked! Patagonia has always been doing editorial style catalogs for as long as I can remember. Their catalogs contain compelling photos with little snippets and stories of peoples journeys in the outdoors. This photo was shot a few years back of Justin Norman where we were camping out and decided to pond skim, Justin chose to keep it minimal by only wearing his board shorts, boots and board.
Here's another version of the photo that landed on Patagonia's site.

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Pleasure Snowboard Magazine

Pleasure Snowboard Magazine out of Germany just rolled out and onto shelves with their 2017-18 product review issue. In it you can find a bunch of board and gear reviews, all good stuff if you can read German. Below are a couple photos landed in this issue. 

Pleasure Snowboard Magazine with Forrest Shearer.
Forrest Shearer checking the current conditions. This was shot in the Oregon backcountry during a pretty good storm system rolled through. 

Here's Jonny... aka Jonny Sischo in the intro section. It was pretty crazy light that evening.

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Outdoor Magazine (Germany)

I just got my hands on this issue of Outdoor Magazine based out of Germany. I shot this a few years ago of Trevor Sheehan on a stretch of river in Washington. As always, it never seems to get old to see my work in print.

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The Rich List | San Miguel Beer

Over this past summer I had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people while on a shoot for San Miguel Beer. One of those people is Sunny Stroeer, Sunny is an athlete, adventurer and photographer originally from Germany but now lives in Boulder, Colorado. I met Sunny in Hanksville, Utah on one of he hottest days of the summer and really the only relief was to get into a shady sandstone slot canyon. She has a great story to tell and there is a follow up video on San Miguel's site under the "Rich List" where they focus on people who live the rich fulfilling life.
Sunny's story can be viewed (here). 

Topher White is a rainforest technologist that works with the non-profit Rainforest Connection. He is doing some really inspiring work by traveling the globe and working with locals to help protect against illegal logging.
You can check Topher's story (here).

He also has a pretty cool TED Talk below as well.

Patagonia Fall Catalog

A climber lays down on a portage.
Fall is in the air and with it comes Patagonia's seasonal catalog. There's a couple images in there that I photographed from a few years back from Iceland where Jacq Smith is looking over a map and another one from Basin and Range National Monument. As always its great to see photos in full bleed print.  

Jacq Smith looks over a map in Iceland.
Read the entire fall catalog (here). 


I have been photographing with CAIRN for a couple of years now, they're a fun local company and currently the largest outdoor subscription box company out there. They decided to do some behind the scenes filming with one of our overnight shoots and here's what they created, it came out well. 

The video features artist  Adam Haynes, James Nicol the founder of Snoplanks skis/snowboards and yours truly. 

Filmed and edited by: Ghost Village

New site

Tyler Roemer Photography website
Well compiling the last decades worth of work into one space is never easy, it's probably one of the biggest challenges that my job offers. Websites are never done there is always room for improvement. Most of the time editors or clients choose the photos that run but this time I have to put on my editor hat on. It's fun to go back through the archives and years of photos and decide which images are worthy, there are so many memories in there that I completely forgot about.

Anyways, here is the new site. Check it out when you get a chance. (HERE)

BIKE Mag | Sept / Oct 2017 Issue

Bike Magazine September and October Issue with Cam McCaul in Nevada.
Well, this might be one of the dustiest biking photos that I have photographed to date. Here's Cam McCaul in Nevada getting totally dusted over. I think we were finding dust everywhere for the next week including inside of my camera. This one landed in the BIKE Magazine BUZZ section, it's cool to see it in print. 

Here's a look at whats inside the September / October issue of BIKE Magazine. 

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Men's Fitness | July / August 2017 Issue

Rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park. Climber: Jesse Bernier Photo: Tyler Roemer
This image of my good friend Jesse landed in the July / August issue of Men's Fitness Magazine. I totally spaced that this was coming out to print. Jesse and I just got back into service after climbing in Yosemite and he said, "Hey, look! I'm in Men's Fitness Magazine!" He was pleasantly surprised.


Carson Storch and I teamed up to do a slice of life with SHIMANO called, 'This is Home'.  I shot the stills while Harrison Mendel and Liam Mullany shot the video. The full 'Photo Epic' can be viewed on Pinkbike's site (HERE). Projects like these always seem to be my favorite to shoot, getting those in between quirky moments and not necessarily the action images are more of a challenge most of the time. 

Featuring: Carson Storch
Directed by: Harrison Mendel
Cinematography By: Harrison Mendel and Liam Mullany
Edited By: Harrison Mendel
Sound Design: Racket Sound
Title Design: Studio Dialog
Still Photography: Tyler Roemer

Print promotional piece in FreeHub Magazine. 

Oregon Coast Visitor Guide

Last summer I was commissioned out to photograph in Florence Oregon for the Oregon Coast Visitor guide with  Szu Jay and Freddy Joe's awesome family. The last time I photographed horseback riding on the coast I almost died (or at least it felt like it) when the horse that I was riding freaked out and sprinted down the beach almost kicking me off. So I gladly chose to be on foot for this assignment. This was the last photo that I took of the day and it landed on the cover.

Check out 'The Official Oregon Coast 2017-2018 Visitor Guide' (here). 

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