Saucony | RUNAWAYS

Photo essay saucony bend oregon.
After this past summer of tourist armageddon here in Bend I cringe at the idea of another piece on Central Oregon and "all it has to offer."  But I feel that this photo essay serves Bend well and touches on the community that lives here and not the visitors take on the town. Linsey Corbin is a sponsored athlete with Saucony and she kills it, she is an Ironman Champion and an all around great athlete. Check out the full story which includes Linsey, her husband Chris, their dog Madison and a little bit on me  (HERE). 
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Portland Monthly | Wallowas Opener

Portland Monthly summer issue is out now with places to backpack around the PNW. This photo of Allison K. relaxing after a long day of hiking next to Mirror Lake made the cut for the opener. Seeing this image again makes me want to get back up there to the Wallowas, it's definitely one of my favorite places in Oregon. 
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Transworld SNOWboarding | Insight Movie Official Trailer

Transworld snowboarding magazine movie josh dirksen.
For over 25 years Transworld SNOWboarding Magazine has been bringing us the best content in the snowboard world hands down. I remember flipping through TWS Photo Annual over 20 years ago drooling over the photos. I always dreamed about shooting with them, well this past year TWS, Josh Dirksen and myself have been working closely together for his part in the new movie called, "Insight". I have been shooting stills alongside the filmers and it has been a wild ride that's for sure. The photo above was shot around the Oregon Cascades where Dirksen and the crew discovered this rock portal where the sun was beaming though, it was definitely a surreal moment. I'm so happy to see this image make the cut for the Insight Movie.

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Departures Magazine | Oregon's Old-Growth

Picnic table dining up in an old growth tree, Departures Magazine.
When Departures Magazine approached me about having a picnic and a camp 150 feet up in an old growth tree my immediate thought was, "Well, that sounds pretty hippyish." Turns out it was far from that. Writer and mountaineer Sandy Hill joined in with a few of her friends to dine and campout in a massive tree. We all met up in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest in Oregon and ascended up the massive tree with some help with a group of arborist. It was good times for sure. You can read the full article written by Sandy Hill (here). 

Out on a limb, Writer Sandy Hill, Photos by Tyler Roemer.

Active quirky lifestyle camp in a tree in Oregon.

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National Geographic | Extreme Photo of the Week

Christie Eastman kayaks off of White River Falls in Oregon.
Well this kayak series from 2009 always seems to make its way back in some form or another. National Geographic photo team chose this image for their, "Extreme Photo of the Week" of Christie G. Eastman kayaking around Celestial Falls on the White River in Oregon.  It's always exciting to get the National Geographic nod of approval.

You can read some of my thoughts on Nat Geo's site (here). 

Travel Oregon guide

Hiker in the Eagle Cap Wilderness area in the Wallowas next to Joseph Oregon.
Always love seeing the annual Travel Oregon visitor guide come to life. Here are a couple images that made the cut, I like the new look that Travel Oregon is going with in their travel guide. I found that Travel Oregon isn't afraid to take chances and I think the majority of the tourism industry can learn a thing or two from these guys. 

Read Travel Oregon's guide (here). 

Paddling and boating in Wallowa Lake next to Joseph Oregon.
Boating in Wallowa Lake close to Joseph, Oregon. 

Hand stand in a field of Oregon flowers.
Last page in the guide of Jacq Smith letting it hang loose. 

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BEND Magazine

Flyfishing Mckenzie River Bend Oregon.
Happy to see this photo land on the cover of Bend Magazine. I shot this years ago when we were flyfishing on the McKenzie River. The Mckenzie holds some pretty stellar clear water but the water clarity means that fish can see you too, so fishing can be a a bit of a challenge. No one likes to eat trout anyways, so it's all good. :)

Picky Bars & Trail Running | Competitor Magazine

A couple photos landed in the new issue of Competitor Magazine. This photo above is of trail runner Jeff Browning, it's crazy how fit this guy is. When we shot trail running last summer he was telling me that he ran up South Sister twice in a couple hours time to train for an all mountain race in France. That's thousands and thousands of elevation gain and loss, not walking or hiking but running! 

Jess Thomas and Lauren Fleshman Picky bar owners profile photo.
The Picky Bar people are awesome and their bars are too. Check out the article below. 

Jess Thomas and Lauren Fleshman Picky bar owners in their kitchen.

BIKE Mag | Cam McCaul

Biker Cam McCaul does a no hander at sunset in Redmond Oregon in the new issue of Bike Mag.
Cam McCaul spreads his wings in the new issue of BIKE Magazine. Call me old school but I always love seeing photographs make it to the printing process in this age of digital media.
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National Geographic | Extreme Photo of the Week

National Geographic extreme photo of the week, mountain bike in snow, backflip, Carson Storch.
Excited to see pro-biker and good friend Carson Storch flipping his way into National Geographic, "Extreme Photo of the Week." We shot this on Thanksgiving Day in Redmond, Oregon. It was set up perfectly for us where we shoveled the snow off and Carson was jumping in not time.  

Check out the article (HERE). 
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Alpinist | Spring 2016 Issue.

Jesse B climbing the awesome basalt columns in the Oregon desert found in the new issue of Alpinist.  Alpinist Magazine is one of those publications where type two and three fun is looked at as a good thing, happy to see this photo make the cut. 
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Bicycling Magazine | Carl Decker

Carl Decker plows through a icy puddle with his Subaru rally car.
Bicycling Magazine sent me out with professional mountain biker Carl Deckerto photograph his side project, rally racing. The backstory with Carl is that he has raced this car in the X-Games competing with the big dogs of the sport. For Carl it's basically a cool hobby when he is not biking.

I thought I knew cars; I don't. Seriously, I haven't been this frightened or car sick in a while, Carl drove us down single one lane snowy road and I thought we were going to wrap around a tree at 70mph and die. I had no clue that you could drive that fast in snow in such sketchy conditions.

(Pictured above) Carl Decker blasts though an icy puddle with his rally car. 

Wiley X Eyewear | 2016 Campaign

Rock climbing in summer at smith rock.
When the folks over at Sasquatch Agency approached me about a shoot with Wiley X Eyewear I was a little skeptical initially if it was the right fit. But, when we started to formulate ideas and get their glasses on outdoor athletes it was clear we were going to work well together. To date, we've photographed 12 full days –sunrise to sunset– traveling around multiple states to get the shot. 

Wiley X's 2016 Master Catalogue cover image (above) was day one of the shoot. At 103 degrees in the dead of summer on the wall, I seriously thought one of us was going to pass out from the heat. It's funny how sometimes when it's all said and done, we remember the challenging moments rather than the easy, peaceful ones. 

Below is an extremely small portion of what we photographed for the Wiley X master catalog. Other images will slowly be rolling out within the year. 

Outdoor lifestyele photography of mountain biking.
Mountain biking - Columbia Gorge, Washington. 

Wiley X technical eyewear, windsurfing the gorge.
Windsurfing - Hood River, Oregon. 

Canoeing - Central Oregon. 

Beard kayak tough manly.
Whitewater kayaking - Washington State. 

Wiley X eyewear flyfishing.
Fly fishing - Crooked River, Oregon. 

Outdoorsman hunting photography.
Hunting - Central Oregon. 

Active lifestyle outdoor photography road cycling.
Road cycling - Columbia Gorge, Oregon. 

Wakeboarding lifestyle outdoor photography
Wakeboarding - Lake Tahoe, California. 

Trail running in Bishop California desert
Trail running - Bishop, California. 

Outdoorsman active lifestyle photography.
Off road - Bishop California. 

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Clif Bar Kids | Out to Play

Clif kids crossing log Portland Oregon.
This past spring I teamed up with Clif Bar to shoot stills for their Clif Bar Kids campaign in Portland, OR, Droptree Productions was there also shooting the commercial spot. It is always a challenge to keep out of all the filmer's ways but we work well together. Below are some of the ad campaigns that Clif Bar ran for ZBars. 

Clif bar kid on a skateboard and dog.

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Snowboard Magazine | Alex Yoder & Josh Dirksen

Alex Yoder professional snowboarder tunes his snowboard in Josh Dirksen's garage.
A couple photos appeared in the past issues of Snowboard Magazine  of Alex Yoder fine tuning his snowboard in Josh Dirksen's man cave.  Below is an interview with Dirksen titled, "The Way I See It", on his perspective of where snowboarding has been, where it stands currently and it is going.

Josh Dirksen interview on snowboarding.
Josh Dirksen's interview "The Way I See It". Read it (here). 

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