Freeskier Magazine | Profile Lucas Wachs

Pro skier Lucas Wachs interviews with Freeksier Magazine for their December Issue.

It's fun seeing such a young skier follow his passion. I have known and shot with Lucas Wachs from way back and he has always been such a great skier with a positive attitude. To see him have a full interview in the new issue of Freeskier Magazine is awesome! Lucas is still a young buck and the sky is the limit for him. 
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Outside Magazine | Caption Contest

SUP, Standup paddleboard on an iceberg.

Outside Magazine just launched their caption contest where you can win some swag from Evo. Give it your best shot and win already! (here

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The Ski Journal | Issue 8.1

Sammy Carlson blasts on his skis in the side country of mount hood, Oregon for the Tips Up section of Ski Journal.

Sammy Carlson making it into issue 8.1 of The Ski Journal. It took a lot of helping hands to build this corner-pipe and just one guy to send it to the moon. 

Skis lay outside a cabin window in the sunrise close to Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.
Skis lay outside a frosty cabin window close to the Sawtooth Mountain range. This particular morning it read -24F on the old thermometer, snow squeaks and equipment starts to break at that temp. 

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FOX Head | Winter Catalog

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes next to the Deschutes River in the new Fox Head Catalog.
The new FOX Head winter mountain bike catalog just landed in all of the bike shops around the globe. Pro-biker Kirt Voreis and myself had the opportunity to hit the hills with the new gear and photograph it on a cold stormy day in Oregon. First and foremost Kirt is a comedian and a mountain biker second, so it is always funny times heading out with him on missions. 

Kirt Voreis takes a moment to take in the winter scenery above the Deschutes River in Oregon.
Soaking it in. Kirt Voreis, Deschutes River, Oregon. 

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes on a cold morning in Bend Oregon.
 Get up to get down. Kirt Voreis on an early morning mission. 

Fox Head gloves for winter.

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes in Central Oregon.

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes with pads in some rocky sections of Oregon.

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes close to Dillon Falls in Bend Oregon.

Wheelie master. 

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Patagonia | #Find_Away

Fall is officially here and winter is fast approaching. It's always great to see winter photos appearing from the archives that I almost forgot even existed. Pictured here is Colby Richards with Asahi-Daki Mountain in the background.  This particular mountain in Hokkaido Japan is an interesting ski resort that only has one chair that drops you off mid-way up. From there you are pretty much on your own. There is no ski patrol to bail you out of sticky situations, so being on your best behavior and picking the right line with the right people is mandatory. 

Found on the Patagonia website. 

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This trip proved that when plans go wrong true adventure begins. Bike Magazine put us on a four day journey where we circumnavigated Mount Hood using the Cascade Huts as a refuge along the way. "The plan" was to start in Hood River and finish there, totaling close to 140 miles give or take. The problem with the huts is that they are hard to find, especially on dirt and snow covered roads with little to no signage. It was a serious pedal tour around Mount Hood spanning wide around logging roads and the occasional single-track. If you are a masochist that likes to ride mile after mile on dirt roads, then I highly recommend this tour. But as the story reads, it is the entire journey ––not just the good parts–– that makes these type of trips enjoyable. 

The story was written by the talented Graham Averill. 

Day two we got a little turned around, wet, and close to being hypothermic. That's what put us inside this outhouse close by Mount Hood Meadows.

(Clockwise) Kirt Voreis pouring a spot of tea, shot up road signage, wet soggy trails, and the luxuries of shelter. 

Kirt Voreis on some early season trail conditions. 

Mount Hood showing off a little at the Lolo Pass hut. It really does offer an insane view of the mountain. 

Surveyors Ridge Trail close to Hood River. 

A little Bike Mag love on the Contributor page. 

1859 Magazine | Backpack Issue

1859 Magazine approached me about photographing their cover for the upcoming 2014 summer issue. 1859's concept was simple, show backpacking in one of its simplest forms from the back. The 1859 crew all converged at Lookout Mountain in the Ochocos where this was shot. Other than some tremendously low blood sugar on the models part it seemed to work out nicely. 

Here are a couple more photo options for the cover that didn't make the cut for the July | August Issue. Check out a short little video on behind the scenes on 1859's Magazines site (HERE)

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JEM Raw Organics | Studio Photography

I love food, especially good quality food with real ingredients. When JEM Raw Organics approached me for a studio shoot I gladly agreed. This shoot was a little out of the norm for me but I have photographed studio products in the past and I love it! Controlling light and the subject matter is a nice change from the unpredictable outdoor world. 

JEM's ad campaign consisted of incorporating their ingredients in the shoot. With some styling magic by Jacq Smith, she made the ingredients look awesome! Here are a handful of selects from the shoot that are currently running as print campaigns and web promotions. 

JEM Cinnamon Red Maca headshots. 

Intentional Blends - JEM Raw 

Coconut Palm Sugar - One of the few ingredients that go into JEM. 

Messy, messy goodness. 

Intentional Blends - Sprouted Almonds 

Crazy colors of the Maqui Berry. 

Raw cacao nibs. 

Valentines Day promotional space for JEM's 8oz jars. 

Macro JEM Raw spice blend.  

 Camu Camu Berry explosion. 

Step 1 eat...

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