Clif Bar Kids | Out to Play

Clif kids crossing log Portland Oregon.
This past spring I teamed up with Clif Bar to shoot stills for their Clif Bar Kids campaign in Portland, OR, Droptree Productions was there also shooting the commercial spot. It is always a challenge to keep out of all the filmer's ways but we work well together. Below are some of the ad campaigns that Clif Bar ran for ZBars. 

Clif bar kid on a skateboard and dog.

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Snowboard Magazine | Alex Yoder & Josh Dirksen

Alex Yoder professional snowboarder tunes his snowboard in Josh Dirksen's garage.
A couple photos appeared in the past issues of Snowboard Magazine  of Alex Yoder fine tuning his snowboard in Josh Dirksen's man cave.  Below is an interview with Dirksen titled, "The Way I See It", on his perspective of where snowboarding has been, where it stands currently and it is going.

Josh Dirksen interview on snowboarding.
Josh Dirksen's interview "The Way I See It". Read it (here). 

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Travel Oregon | Q &A

I teamed up with the fine folks over at Travel Oregon to do a little Q&A about what keeps me busy during winter and a couple of my favorite places to visit. Winter is quite possibly one of my favorite seasons, maybe my body runs hot or something but I feel more alive during those cold winter months. You can read the entire article (here). 

Backcountry Magazine | January 2016 Issue

Wow, it's hard to believe that it is 2016 already! Backcountry Magazine is on it with their new issue to roll out the new year. This photo of Ari landed in there with a note from the editor in chief of Backcountry, Tyler Cohen. I particularly enjoyed the last paragraph that Cohen wrote. 

Backcountry Magazine | Last Look

last col - ford every stream 

This was by far the wettest day of our season last year with Justin Norman. Found in the last page of Backcountry Magazine

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Men's Health | January / February 2016

Biking along the thousand plus miles of trails in Bend Oregon.
Men's Health did a little outdoor feature on you guessed it, Bend... I photographed this up on Mount Bachelor in their mtb terrain park, this photo is a little cropped but it shows off a little what Bachelor has to offer. 

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Washington State History Museum

Last spring, the Washington State History Museum and Storyline Studio set us out on a whirlwind road trip covering a portion of the states geological treasures. Due to the tight timeframe we calculated that I only had three hours at each location to photograph. The trip in total was close to a month on the road, driving and shooting the entire time. Our journey was filled with joy, frustration, illness, navigational nightmares and awe at other times. I haven’t had a chance to check it out in person but here are a couple semi-permanent display prints that the museum created from the assignment.  

Big thanks to Jacq Smith for the non-stop navigation and photo assisting! (here
Mount Saint Helens, Ranier, Potholes Coulee are some of the locations featured above. 

Omak Rock, the Feathers and the Ancient Lakes featured above.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the trip. (Above) The Columbia Gore above Beacon Rock.

My trusty assistant.

Shoot upload, repeat.

Killing time waiting for good light.

Some days were better than others... 1DX down and a brand new Zeiss lens

We had a difference in opinion on the map at times. 

The ever trusty 'mobile device' or otherwise known as "HotElement". 

Patagonia Provisions

Professional snowboarder Josh Dirksen cooks on the cover of the Patagonia Provisions catalog.
Print always gets me excited, especially in this day of digital hoopla! -I sound like an old man there. Pictured above is Patagonia snowboard ambassador Josh Dirksen cooking on one of our backcountry camp out missions. If you haven't heard the news Patagonia is making food and it is tasty, especially when you are outside in the woods. Check it out (here). 

Best Fall Mountain Bike Rides | Travel Oregon

Fall is in the air, which means mountain bike season is upon us. We photographed these around the lengthy trail systems of Central Oregon, which include Phil's Trail and Edison Lava Trail. Also on Travel Oregon's site you will find a short video presented by Bike Magazine, they filmed this segment during the Bike Bible issue where they tested a lot of new bikes that hit the market. Watch the video and read the full story (here).

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Patagonia Environmental & Social Initiatives 2015

Cave in the Basin and Range National Monument, Nevada.
Patagonia just came out with their annual Environmental & Social Initiatives for 2015. The digital booklet gives insight into the grant recipients for environmental and social issues. This photo of the newly designated National Monument made into the booklet. Give it a read (here)

Competitor Magazine | Ultrarunner Stephanie Howe

September 2015 issue of Competitor Magazine Stephanie Howe.
It's fun to get out with some of these athletes like Stephanie Howe that seem to have superhuman endurance. Stephanie just finished a race in Chamonix, France called the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc which is about 170 km / 105 miles of high alpine running, talk about brutal!  Before she left for that race we headed into the mountains and shot some photos for  Competitor Magazines cover and interior piece on running with your dog. 

Stephanie Howe trail running in summer in the Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon.
Stephanie Howe in her hometown stomping grounds for the opener of Competitor Magazine's.

Trail runner and active lifestyle Stephanie Howe.
Stephanie Howe and her dog Riley hamming it up. 

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DAKINE mtb | Carson Storch

Carson Stroch does an underflip at the Redmond Oregon bike park.
They grow up so fast, don't they? Carson Storch recently signed with the Dakine mountain bike team this past year. This is one the the ads that we worked on, it is running in the current issue of Bike Mag. Keep an eye out for Storch this year, he is good!

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VSCO | Tyler Roemer Photography

There are a couple reason why I like VSCO, it is clean, there are no fields for comments, no like buttons, no list of followers, it is just pictures and that is why it is good. You can check out my feed (here). 

Sidetracked | Volume Four

Christie Eastman kayaker and badass on Lower Lewis Falls in Washington.
If you are unfamiliar with Sidetracked Magazine you should go out of your way to pick up a copy. It's filled with meaningful articles, photography and insight on why adventure is so important to our lives. 

In the current issue of Sidetracked Magazine boater Christie Eastman describes her side of the action off of Lower Lewis River. 

Pulled from Volume four, "With a deep breath, I peel out into the powerful current. I square up to the first ledge and it launches me into the air. I reconnect with the river for a brief instant and take another paddle stroke as the water falls out from underneath me. Soaring over the second ledge, I momentarily take flight until the mist engulfs me. Cold spray surges into my face. The yawning chasm beneath me beckons. Time stands still as I drop.

Snowboarder Josh Dirksen | Patagonia Clothing

This past winter season Josh Dirksen and a crew of us searched high and low for good snow where we split-boarded and camped deep in the backcountry, eating dehydrated meals that sucked the water from us, waking up early to get after the limited winter light. Usually, we were extremely excited when it snowed one to two inches and satisfied when we could keep an edge... but hey, those are the cards that we were dealt with this past winter and we had a lot of fun making the most out of it. 
(above) Josh Dirksen bringing that surf style to life, found on the Patagonia site for their new merino wool base layers.

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