Nick Torutman
 Waterman, father and all around badass Nick Troutman ended up in an opener for MEN'S FITNESS Magazine. It's cool to get to know these kayakers, they all have unique personalities and style on the water that separate them from the rest of the crowd. These guys are tough as nails, it seems that half of the kayakers have broken or fractured ribs and they still boat like it's a simple commute to work. 

BIKE Magazine | turning the page

Bike magazine brice minnigh farewell letter.

 I feel honored to have my photo next to BIKE Mag editor Brice Minnigh farewell letter, this is Brice's last letter as an active editor in Bike. Brice is a talented writer and his words always get me inspired about biking and where it can take you.  I had the opportunity to get to know him during a BIKE BIBLE issue where he told me a little bit about his war journalist days and wild travel stories. He's onto new pursuits in life (South Africa) and I wish him the best, here's a little excerpt from page 19 of the July issue of Bike Mag. It's worth the read in its entirety.

"BIKE is much more than just a magazine. It is much more than a curated collection of inspired images and carefully considered words. And it is much more than a website, a social media network and an online compilation of mountain bike videos. Sure, all of these are essential components of a modern action-sports media brand. But as with most things of value, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the case of Bike, this ‘whole’ is the continued manifestation of an artistic concept - and of an ethos that embodies the spirit of what it means to be a mountain biker.”
 -Words by Brice Minnigh

Photo above is of Carson Storch in one of the dustiest areas that I have ever been in. 

Bike Magazine | Buzz

Carson Storch in the May issue of Bike Mag. Carson is doing some really compelling projects lately by teaming up with the right artists and storytellers on videos, be on the lookout for some of his projects that will be airing within the next year.

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NRS Spring Catalog

Alec Voorhees drops a water fall in his kayak in washington state.
This  photo might be my fastest turn around to date, this image of kayaker Alec Voorhees went from the field to print within a day. The funny thing was that it wasn't even planned. I just wanted to shoot some kayaking and went out with a solid crew of boaters, NRS needed a cover to fill and voila.
Anyways, its amazing to watch these guys do what they love, you can feel the nervous energy building up before they are about to drop. This particular falls is 70-ish feet tall so the consequences are definitely there. 

Rocky Mountain Bicycles | Fourtified

Fourtified video Carson Storch New Zealand.
Over this past winter I made the last minute decision to do trip to New Zealand with pro-biker Carson Storch. We explored quite a bit of the South Island but mainly stayed around Queenstown, one of the projects that we worked on was for Rocky Mountain Bicycles new trail bike called the 'Altitude'.  I was shooting stills alongside the talented and young filmmaker Harrison Mendel. The video involves four of Rocky Mountain's team riders hence the name 'Fourtified'. 

More of the photos and info on the bike can be found here on Rocky Mountain's homepage (here). 

Fourtified from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

Presented by Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Directed by Liam Mullany
Produced by Brian Park
Featuring Wade Simmons, Rémi Gauvin, Vaea Verbeeck & Carson Storch
Filmed by Liam Mullany, Harrison Mendel & John Parkin
Edited by Liam Mullany
Colour by Sam Gilling
Post Production Sound by Keith White Audio
Original Music by Thinnen

YETI Coolers | Spring Catalog

Whitewater kayaking waterfall.
Here's one of Jacob Bouchelle from last summer that made it to Yeti Coolers internal sales print catalog for spring. Shooting kayaking on drops is one of my favorite subjects to photograph, it's intense, noisy, at times chaotic and you only get a split second to make an image happen. 
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Outdoor Magazine | Germany

Print media for an outdoor german magazine on road trips across Europe.
Outdoor Magazine out of Germany printed this image of Eva relaxing next to my old Element for their February 2017 issue which covers road trips around Europe. I'm looking forward to more travels this spring and summer. I'm in the process right now of building up my new expedition rig, it's a fun process and I'm looking forward to sharing that with you in the near future! 

Les plus beaux endroits pour courir | Hardcover

Books, remember those things? Seems that we need books more than ever in these weird times to combat the intellectual deficient but that's besides the point. The French publisher  Copyright Editions and the authors curated trail runs from all over the world and combined them into one large coffee table book. I'm not the best at the French language but I can tell you the title, "Les plus beaux endroits pour courir" means "The best places to run". There are some really cool locations and photos in this book, definitely worth a scan through it if you see it in a book store. 

Trail running active lifestyle in Iceland and Europe.
On page 108-109 there's a photo of Jacq Smith running alongside a southern beach in Iceland (that I can't pronounce). We photographed this over three years ago, it's crazy how fast time flies by but as they say in France, C'est la vie - "such is life". 

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CLIF BAR Stories | Stephanie Howe

Stephanie Howe is a badass, she runs 100K races in the mountains, has a cool dog, has her PhD and is an opinionated Oregonian (go figure). We got out a shot a bit for a story with Clif Bar which covers Stephanie coming off an injury and basic slice of life stuff. It's always fun shooting around the mountains with Stephanie and her doggy Riley.
You can read the full article (here). 

Patagonia | 2017 Mountain Catalog

Snowboarder Josh Driksen story in the 2017 Patagonia Catalog.
Just when I thought I knew snowboarding Josh Dirksen came in and showed me that I had a lot to learn. Dirksen showed me different ways to ride, travel safely and smoothly in the mountains using natural contours instead of forcing snowboarding into a weird state of big jumps, huge airs and violent landings that it's so known for. I think we all need mentors in life, I feel it should be a life long journey to learn new things and find people that inspire you. I certainly look up to this guy here, he is positive as all hell, a goofy footer like I am,  an encyclopedia when it comes to snowboard history/trivia and a person that has been in the sport for a long, long time.

This is a story that Patagonia put together on how Josh Dirksen spent this past season close to home and in the local hills. It is a multipage story written by Colin Wiseman and I am excited to see it come to print. It is also proof that you don't need to go to exotic places to get good snow or to have fun.

Professional snowboarder Josh Dirksen Patagonia mountain lifestyle catalog.

Josh Dirksen powder turn.
Of all the turns that Josh did last year this one is my favorite. Josh Dirksen- Oregon Backcountry.

View the 2017 Patagonia Mountain Catalog (here).

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Patagonia Clothing | Winter & Snow

cloud, women iceland,
I'm a sucker for print, it's becoming more and more rare to see it in this digital world. Here's a couple tear sheets from Patagonia's  winter catalog and from their snow campaign. (above) Jacq Smith facing the winds head on in Iceland.

Jacq Smith explores an abandoned herring plant in Iceland. 

Double page ad of Patagonia ambassador Josh Dirksen. 

Josh Dirksen being domestic in the backcountry. 

FREEMEN's World Magazine | December Issue

Hiking in the fog Freemans world magazine cover.
FREEMAN's World Magazine which is published out of Germany chose this image for their December cover art, the photo is of one of my best friends Noah Sellers hiking around in the fog a couple years back.  Freeman's is a quality magazine with some great content in there, that is if you can read ze German... 

1859 | Oregon's Magazine | December Issue

Night image of a glowing tent at the base of South Sister in Oregon.
Excited to see this image on the cover of 1859 Magazine of the December issue. This shot was up on South Sister, sometimes snow camping can be so easy and other times it can be a real test of your temperament with winds and snow flying everywhere. Other than minor frost bite on my toes (don't wear tight boots) this time camping was fairly straight forward. 

snow camping, sbnowboarding, skiing, touring
clockwise- Josh Dirksen with the Dirksen turn.
Filmer Chris Edmands at base camp.
Tyge Shelby exploring the holiest of rocks.
Gunnar Oliphant and Josh Dirksen dig an avalanche test pit. 

Mount Thielsen Wilderness snowboarding, oregon.
Josh Dirksen Mount Thielsen Wilderness. 

Wiley X Eyewear | Visionaries | Tyler Roemer

When my friend who works on the creative department for Wiley X Eyewear approached me about doing a slice of life video I was a little hesitant. For me being behind the lens seems natural and being in front of it..well, seems awkward. Nonetheless, he basically said we can do whatever we want, so that got me thinking about all the possibilities (within reason).  Here is what we came up with, it's a behind the scenes look and a bit of a modus operandi if you will. I'm really happy with how it all came out. 

For the record, I don't see myself as a visionary, I view myself as a person who loves the outdoors with a need to create. Maybe one day when I'm 90 years old I'll be there but not today my friends. 

Client: Wiley X

Agency: Sasquatch
Art Director: Thomas Morris
Producers: Darren Utt & Emma Browne
DP: Liam Gillies
Camera Operator: Matthew Gromley
Sound Engineer: Alison Grayson
Drone Operator: Darren Utt
Camera Assis: Cam Östman
PA: Alec Carrier
Kayakers: Jacob Bouchelle, Trevor Lyden
Editor: Liam Gillies

Transworld SNOWboarding | Josh Driksen Interview

Snowboarder Josh Drikrsen.

--> Josh Dirksen makes snowboarding obtainable by finding his own rhythm in the mountains. This past season instead of going overseas to exotic locations like most of the other pros he decided to stay close to home to be near family and friends and to explore pockets of the Northwest that he has never seen or snowboarded before. In his 20+ years as a pro-snowboarder he found a sustainable way to ride and he still has his knees to prove it. Because of Dirksen’s positive attitude and surf style he is truly the snowboarders favorite snowboarder, that’s for sure. 
Below is the full interview on Dirksen's process in the November 2016 issue of Transworld SNOWboarding.

In Transition - Josh Dirksen's Perpetual Momentum

Josh Dirksen on 20 years of being a pro. 

Josh Dirksen snowboarding.
Dirksen's classic style coming to life. 

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