TED x Bend | Print Ad

We teamed up with TBD Advertising Agency and Wild Lookout to photograph the print portion for TED x Bend. The concept was simple; shoot a flaming match. Although it seemed straightforward enough, it took boxes of matches to get the proper image. The life of a lit match has more than 100,000 different characters, from its infancy to the retirement stage.

To learn more about the event and to check out the awesome slow motion flame ignition that Wes Coughlin from Wild Lookout did click (HERE).

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KEEN Footwear | Print Ad

You may have seen these KEEN Footwear ads peaking around in some magazines lately. It's a cool thing to be  able to work with a company that is based so close to home, with their Portland, Oregon location KEEN is a stone's throw away. These print ads have been making an appearance lately in publications all over the globe showing off some of Oregon's places to explore.

Stop Wondering, Start Wandering. We photographed this image at Tamanawas Falls, which is an awesome waterfall found on the east side of Mount Hood. The falls are about 100 ft tall and straight glacier runoff from Cold Spring Creek. It is certainly worth the effort to check it out. 

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Outside Magazine | 2014 Best SUP Getaway

Outside Magazine just announced the "Best SUP Getaway" with Bend, Oregon being on the top of the list. I have always wondered how publications reach these conclusions of the"Best" of anything. It all comes down to opinion in my mind. Nevertheless, they ran this photo that I photographed of a couple friends cruising around Moraine Lake. It was not the easiest thing in the world getting that stand up paddle board into this high alpine lake, but it was well worth it. 
Check out the entire article (here).

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BIKE Magazine | March 2014 Issue

The new issue of Bike Mag is out with a couple photos from around the Columbia Gorge. The Gorge is my home stomping grounds for mountain biking and it is one of the favorite places to ride. The dirt is good, the trails are built well and a lot of time you don't know or remember whats around the next corner (trail amnesia). (above) Carson Storch and Jamie Goldman high up on a Post Canyon trail in Hood River.

Black & White in Bingen. Carson Storch on Syncline Trail, Washington.

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Hydro Flask

Over this past year we have been working hard on getting Hydro Flask a new look and photography that represents their brand and vision. Other than a couple guidelines Hydro Flask basically let me run wild and shoot whatever I wanted.  Here are a couple photos that popped up recently on their site. (above) Justin Norman in the Three Sisters Wilderness, Ore. 

Jacq Smith and Tyge Shelby. Painted Hills, Ore.

Kelly Flemming. Bellingham Washington. 

Tetherow Golf course. 

Aneroid Lake, Eagle Cap Wilderness, Ore. 

Wallowa Mountain range, Ore. 

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David Wise | Powder Magazine

With the 2014 winter Olympics coming up Powder Magazine sat down with halfpipe skier David Wise to talk shop. Wise is a great guy and a mind blowing skier, I met him last year at X Games where I got right up in his grill for this photo. 

Here is what David has to say about being the next freeskiing halfpipe Olympic hopeful. 
"Age: 23

Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Olympic discipline: Halfpipe
Career achievements: 1st place, 2013 Dew Tour Halfpipe; Gold medalist, 2013 and 2012 Aspen X Games Superpipe; 1st place, 2013 F.I.S. World Championship Halfpipe; 1st place, 2013 U.S. Grand Prix Park City Halfpipe; Gold medalist, 2012 Euro X Games Superpipe; 1st place, 2012 U.S. Grand Prix Mammoth Halfpipe; 1st place, 2012 Dew Tour Snowbasin Halfpipe
David Wise is not yet even half way through his 20s, but, in many ways, he is more mature than his peers. At 23, he is married with a daughter. On the snow, Wise is a humble athlete who has found the confidence to compete—and succeed—on the halfpipe circuit. Coming off a year where he stood at the top of more than one podium, Wise is in a good position to soar through the qualifications, secure a spot on the U.S. Olympic team, and make history at Sochi.
I write on my helmet a little mantra: “Embrace life. Seek truth. And be free.”
It’s sort of like every kid wants to be a rock star or an actor or whatever. I always wanted to be an athlete. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with skiing…this “new school” version of the sport.
When it came to competing, halfpipe caught my attention because it’s so in your face: 30 seconds, five or six tricks, and you’re going as fast as you can, as big as you can.
I’ve had a routine for a long time now that’s gotten me to where I am. Everyday I go out and ski. I eat the same things most mornings.
I’m not going to come out guns blazing, doing my hardest just because it’s the Olympic year. I’m trying to just maintain.
It’s unreal to finally have it [skiing halfpipe] in the Olympics. It seems to me that it should have happened a lot sooner. It’s something unparalleled, something our sport has never seen before. I want to be there, be a part of it.
I’d like to be wise and mature enough to say that if I didn’t make the team I’d be okay with it. At the same time, this isn’t my only shot at the Olympics.
Because skiing is as much an art as it is a sport, I want to put my mark on what skiing is. This is what I think halfpipe skiing should look like, and this is how I like to do it. Beyond that the judges can do or say what they want with it." 
Words by Sarah Ward

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Men's Journal | Mexico's Cycling Frontier

In the February 2014 issue of Men's Journal you will find a little writeup about our recent bike trip to Real de Catorce with Jamie Goldman, Carson Storch and the IMBA crew. It was seriously a surreal and at times crazy experience with these two bikers but we survived. 

Here is what the Notebook article reads, 

"Last November, Mountain bikers Jamie Goldman and Carson Storch raced 1,000 feet down a goat trail in central Mexico's Sierra de Catorce mountains- a newly discovered mecca for freeriders. The sport of barreling down natural terrain rather than established bike runs, big mountainfreeriding is the cyclist equivalent of backcountry skiing. Riding in the state of San Luis Potosi is akin to cycling in the south western U.S.- minus the crowds. " It looks like Utah with the dirt," says Storch. "The terrain is raw and rugged, and there's so much of it." Goldman and Storch rode mules up a narrow path to "the Begining of the Universe" - an ancient tribal shrine- and then biked down. "It's a dream scenerio," Goldman says, "because even though it's a technical run, the goats and donkeys have created a wider path for you to choose your line." The duo raced down the steep mountain trails -at one point, almost flying off a cliff - landing at the base of the mountain in Real de Catorce, a former silver mining town. "I've been traveling around the world for the past 12 years and have never done anything like Real, "Goldman says. "It was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity." -Marielle Anas

39 Favorite Photos from 2013

This last year was filled with unforgettable memories. There were ups and downs, hungry nights snow camping, warm days that blended in with one another, and long days on the road. Here are 39 photographs that stick out from all the rest throughout 2013.

 Daniel Moore BASE jumping off the Lollipop in Moab, Utah. This was photographed on Daniel's 22nd birthday –– a spur-of-the-moment trip –– where we loaded up the car and hiked fast to catch the last light. Sadly, Daniel passed away late this year doing what he loved. 

 Alberta Canada mountain peak by Moraine Lake. 

 1956 Willys after a long mountain bike ride and a lightening storm that soaked us. Real de Catorce, Mexico. 

 Alberta roadway, Canada. 

 Jacq Smith, Alberta Canada. 

 Carson Storch, Eastern Oregon. 

 Brian Mosbaugh walking a midline at Proxy Falls in Oregon. 

 Jesse Bernier climbs above the Crooked River in Oregon. 

 Carson Storch bikes on the Syncline Trail in the Columbia Gorge, Washington. 

 Jacq Smith wakes up with the first light at the edge of Crater Lake. Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. 

Bugaboo stormy night. British Columbia, Canada. 

 Crater Lake sunset. 

 Three Sisters Wilderness nightscape. Ari Delashmutt, Broken Top Mountain, Oregon. 

 John Day evening light. 

 The crew from 1859 Magazine taking it easy at Gold Beach, Oregon. 

 Jamie Goldman and Carson Storch. Post Canyon, Hood River, Oregon. 

 Polaroid of Jamie Goldman, Alfalfa, Oregon. 

  Jacq cruising on the Columbia Ice-fields close to Jesper, Alberta Canada. 

 Nelscott's fury. Tyler Cunningham surfs at Nelscott Reef in Lincoln City, Oregon. 

 Early light in the backcountry. Tyge Shelby skiing on Mount Bailey, Oregon. 

 The Cone Cross. Mount Bachelor, Oregon. 

 Jonny Sischo laying out a huge Japan grab. Mount Bachelor, Oregon. 

 Golden light at Gold Beach. Levi Siver windsurfs by a Pistol River island, Oregon. 

 Moon Walker. Ari Delashmutt highlines on "The Gift"Smith Rock State park, Oregon. 

 Alanna and Jennifer Tynan from The Latitude Project on location in Nicaragua. 

 Steens Mountain starry night. 

 Andy Lewis aka (Sketchy Andy) highlines deep in Moab, Utah. 

 Waiting out the storm in the Conrad Kain Hut, The Bugaboos, British Columbia. 

 The Bugaboo trail, British Columbia, Canada

 The town of Real de Cartorce, Mexico. 

 This guy made me pay him fifty pesos to take his photo, it was worth it. Real de Catorce, Mexico. 

 I think this was more about the moment rather than the photo itself. When I handed this Polaroid to the Mercados family tears of gratitude shed immediatly. Before this photo was taken they probably have only had two photos taken of them in their entire lives. It really puts the power of photography into perspective. 

 Mayan Smith-Gobat with the token "Rose Move," on the Rude Boys climb at Smith Rock, Oregon.

 Rex Calderon surfs his home turf in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. 

 Bobby Brown on the big air jump at the 2013 X Games in Aspen Colorado. 

 Three Sisters Wilderness snow camp, Central Oregon. 

 Joel Pinnock wrapping up the day at Smith Rock in Oregon. 

 Jon Lang choosing his own sketchy path, Three Sister Wilderness, Oregon. 

 Sharks view. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. 

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