Mountain Flyer | Cam McCaul

Issue 58 of Mountain Flyer Magazine is on the stands now with a photo of Cam McCaul and I shot in the desert on the cover. This magazine has gotten a lot better in the last year with the new photo editor taking the reigns and filling in on what was missing. Honestly, years ago I intentionally overlooked this magazine because visually, well it sucked. Now they are on the up and up and I feel like they are contending with the bigger publications in biking.

DAKINE | Carson Storch

This was a fast turnaround for Dakine but a fun one. Carson and me had about a day and a half to travel and shoot to make the print deadline for BIKE Mag. We spent most of our time on another jump that just didn't work out but luckily there was this little hip close by. I feel like Carson could jump a sack of potatoes and make it look stylish. Carson's doggo Bentley really pulled the ad together though.

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Travel Oregon | North Umpqua Trail

All female biking trip along the North Umpqua Trail.
Recently, Travel Oregon put me on an assignment to bike the 79 mile stretch of the North Umpqua Trail with writer Eileen Garvin and her friends. We took four days to do the journey during the hottest part of summer (not recommended) but starting early helped with the riding. It really is an epic trail filled with awesome views and waterfalls. I don't recommend rubbernecking too much though because parts or the trail are deadly, especially along the "Dread and Terror" section where's there are lots of cliffs.

You can read the full story (here).

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Cam McCaul free rides down a line while filming for a video part for Trek Cycles.
BORN Mountain Bike Magazine issue two is out coming from Switzerland. It's a high quality magazine and leaning towards coffee table status. This spread of Cam McCaul landed in their new issue.
The caption translates to this (give or take),
"Surfing has waves, skiing powder, mountain biking this. This is how Freeride Pro Cam McCaul sums it up on his Facebook profile. His waves are the bizarre ground shapes in Nevada, his powder the dusty-dry earth. Again and again he goes with the photographer Tyler Roemer on the search for new lines and photo spots.

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CLIF BAR | Linsey Corbin, Rose Wetzel + more

CLIF Bar put me on a few assignments that slowly roll out over time mainly of athlete profiles.  Here are some of the images that are live on Clif's site currently. (above) Triathlete Linsey Corbin training around the mountains in Oregon. 

Picture here is professional obstacle course racer Rose Wetzel training in Colorado. Rose has been on Ninja Warrior and competes in Spartan races. 

Clif put me on a road trip where we shot their new bar the Whey Protein. They wanted to focus on "In-between Moments" rather than pure adventure. It was a good challenge for all of us. 

BIKE Mag | Comrades Issue

Bike Magazines newest issue is all about the bonds that biking creates. I believe that any sport creates bonds especially when it's not easy and you're struggling alongside your friends. I've looked over at my friends on hard miserable missions and all we can do is laugh at how hard it is. What else can you do? 

The above photo was shot this year in New Zealand during the annual McGazza Fest where the entire bike community of Queenstown and beyond come and celebrate Kelly McGarry's life. McGarry impacted a lot of lives during his short time on this world and continues to do so. You can read more about McGarry's Foundation (here). 

The last page is of Carson Storch on a roadside tourist attraction in New Zealand. It makes me laugh every time I see this photo. 

Freehub Magazine | Issue 9.2 | Progression

Freehub Magazine  asked me about ‘progression’ in the sport of mountain biking for their new issue. It got me thinking about how wild biking has become but I’m old school so I always say look to the past to the creators and originators of the sport to see how far it truly has come. Some of the guys back in the day we’re doing super dangerous stuff and it was definitely more sketchy because of the geometry and functionality of the bikes. Going 20mph through a rock garden back then was basically a death sentence where the chances of your bike imploding were extremely high. The only constant is change in progression so who knows what will happen in the sport in a year or two, something mind-boggling I’m sure. 
That said, here’s Cam McCaul just doing what he does best having fun on a dirt mound with that smooth progressive style. 

One more of Cam McCaul in the contents page. 


2018 Bike Magazine photo annual with Cam McCaul biking in Eastern Oregon.
Once a year Bike Magazine puts together an issue dedicated to photography. Two photos landed in there one of Cam McCaul in Eastern Oregon and the other being Carson Storch in New Zealand.

I think Anthony Smith from Bike Mag put it best,

We of course feel all magazines are best experienced in print--not just for the experience of feeling the actual pages in your hands, instead of scrolling through them on a screen, but because it causes us to slow down and actually digest the content. And we especially feel like the Photo Annual should be experienced by holding it in your hands. This year, the Photo Annual is anchored by a 32-page photo gallery, filled with the year’s best images shot by the photographers who dedicate their lives to capturing the moments that truly make us love riding, the beauty, the suffering, the risk and the rewards.

From sunbaked peaks, to dark, dank forests, the collection of photos in this year's Photo Annual attempts to stir up emotions that inspire us as mountain bikers. From the aspirational moments in perfect light on pristine trails, to difficult moments that make those experiences on a bike, for better or worse, unforgettable.  
These are all moments--the highs and the lows--that each one of us has experienced as riders. But it is the photographer who captures these moments. From the mundane to the unforgettable, and those images--like the ones contained within the following pages--will continue to make us curious, motivated and inspired to get out and ride. ” 

Professional biker Carson Storch in New Zealand.
Upside down before 7am in New Zealand. -Carson Storch

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Wiley X Eyewear | 2018 / 2019 Campaign

Wiley X and I teamed up for another round of shoots this time in Colorado, Oregon and in Utah. Each shoot involved four straight days of getting to the location and shooting for a total of 2 or more weeks. Here is a small portion of what we photographed, we shot, hunting, fishing, climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, road cycling, ice climbing, ranch life, rafting and more.. pretty exhausting but I loved it!

Client: Wiley X Eyewear
Agency: Sasquatch 
Art Director: Thomas Morris
Producer: Matt Ferrell
Photography: Tyler Roemer

This cowpoke was a true to life Matthew Mcconaughey look-alike... alright, alright, alright. 

Mountain biking in Utah. 

Road cycling at 14, 000 feet in Colorado.

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BORN Magazine | Issue One

Here’s Carson Storch in the first issue of BORN Magazine out of Switzerland. We shot this a few years back in New Zealand and every time I look back at photos of that place I get those warm fuzzies. BORN magazine is so new that I don’t think they have any social channels yet but from what I’ve seen so far they are off to a good start. You can check out their site (here). 

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Cam Mccaul in the desert at night.
There's some people that just get on the same wavelength as you, Cam McCaul is one of those guys. I called him up and said, "lets go do nothing in the desert with bikes and no plans". Cam is a busy guy with lots of obligations but he said, "yes!" in his excited Cam sort of way. I think we are both bad at doing nothing so we obviously did something out in nowhere land.

Cam wrote up some words about our little mission and it landed on the Trek homepage. You can read the entire article (here).

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YETI Coolers

Forrest Shearer winter camping in the Oregon backcountry.
I keep running into photos from our winter shoot last year with YETI. This one of Forest Shearer made it into a print campaign for them. YETI has been nailing the storytelling from their videos to their photos, they are definitely one of my favorite companies that I work with. 

Backcountry Magazine | Spring Issue

Kohl Christensen and Josh Dirksen tour around in the golden light in the morning in the Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon.
Surfer boy Kohl Christensen pictured here with Josh Dirksen was feeling good in the morning of our tour. 12 hours and 12 miles later of skinning around and hitting one semi-good windlip his sea legs definitely felt it. C’est la vie! 
This one made it into the Feb issue Backcountry Mag where they did a mini write up. 

Alpinist 61

Alpinist Magazine is a work of art, it's actually more like a journal or a coffee table book rather than a magazine filled with climbing of the past, present and future. In issue 61 you will find an awesome article in it about the late Fred Beckey who was a pioneer for the climbing world.
I get pretty excited when any photo big or small that I shot makes into print with this mag. This shot above is of Jesse Bernier was over this past summer in Tuolmne Meadows in Yosemite. Yosemite is a magical place and I can't wait to get back there. 

Carson Storch's New Zealand Odyssey | Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Photo essay on Pinkbike of mountain biking in New Zealand.
 For the second year in a row Carson and I headed down south for the winter we explored a bit. New Zealand feels like a second home to me but a bit more beefed up as far as the mountains and riding go. Rocky Mountain Bikes put together a little photo essay and some words by Carson of our recent trip this past month up on PinkBike. A lot happened on this trip, more than 30 photos can tell but isn’t that the way it always goes?

Read the full article (here).

Carson with a casual floater close by the town of Queenstown, New Zealand. 

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