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Black and White lifestyle photograph of Rex Shepard tuning skis in the Bend Oregon.
The photo annual of Backcountry Magazine is out and this photo of Rex Shepard made it into a little slot. I love the tuning shop in Skjersaa's, everything in that dungeon basement feels nostalgic. From the wax coating on everything to the tools lying everywhere to the classic ski posters that hang from the wall, it has it all. Lots of tuning, beers and stories have been told in that shop.
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TransWorld SNOWboarding | 2015 Photo Annual

Transworld Snowboarding Photo Annual 2015 pond skimming in the backcountry Justin Norman.
Well it is finally out, the coveted Photo Annual from Transworld Snowboarding. I am excited to get this photo of Justin Norman surfing the big blue into the publication. It's funny because we shot this pretty deep in the backcountry and Justin had never pond skimmed before. Justin was extremely nervous that he would drown with his board connected to his feet but he went for it anyway. 
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Fast Times with Funassyi ふなっしー

This was by far one of the weirdest things that I have been a part of. This past summer I was on a Japanese TV show with one of Japan's favorite characters Funassyi. In four days we traveled from the east coast of Florida to Washington state shooting in eight different locations. The video above is poor quality but it is a little slice of the thirty minute show that aired in Japan recently.

Below are some images that I took along the way.

Manatee hanging around in Citrus County, Florida.

Sunrise with the infamous and energetic Funassyi. The energy levels at 5am in the morning was a little too much to take at times. 

The film crew working on B-roll footage. 

A taste of my own medicine. 

A worried crew thinking that Funassyi may drown swimming deep in the ocean. 

Funassyi doing the pear thing underwater. 

 The dynamics between the Miami Marlins and Funyassi was hilarious. Billy the Marlin only whistled and Funassyi only spoke Japanese so Billy hard a fairly difficult time teaching Funassyi how to pitch properly. 

First pitch at the Miami Marlins game. 

Oh yeah, press conference time...

The plan was for Funassyi to wing walk on this biplane but the pilot and crew deemed that Funassyi would die, so we decided to just put it into the seat instead. 

I'm pretty sure that pilot couldn't see anything. 

Look closely and you can see our yellow buddy in the Seattle Space Needle. 

The crew trying to line up the shot. 

Last but not least was the Seattle Tomato battle where Funassyi won the costume portion of the event...of course. 

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Google App | Canyonlands

When I took this photo I never would have imagined it ending up being on a Google app ad. This image was spur of the moment where we were halfway through the infamous Blue John Canyon in Utah. Allison Rayburn (pictured here) was in the canyon zone, meanwhile some other people in our party thought we were going to die that day in the canyon. It is after all where Aron Ralston took his own arm off. 

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Freeskier Magazine | Profile Lucas Wachs

Pro skier Lucas Wachs interviews with Freeksier Magazine for their December Issue.

It's fun seeing such a young skier follow his passion. I have known and shot with Lucas Wachs from way back and he has always been such a great skier with a positive attitude. To see him have a full interview in the new issue of Freeskier Magazine is awesome! Lucas is still a young buck and the sky is the limit for him. 
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Outside Magazine | Caption Contest

SUP, Standup paddleboard on an iceberg.

Outside Magazine just launched their caption contest where you can win some swag from Evo. Give it your best shot and win already! (here

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The Ski Journal | Issue 8.1

Sammy Carlson blasts on his skis in the side country of mount hood, Oregon for the Tips Up section of Ski Journal.

Sammy Carlson making it into issue 8.1 of The Ski Journal. It took a lot of helping hands to build this corner-pipe and just one guy to send it to the moon. 

Skis lay outside a cabin window in the sunrise close to Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.
Skis lay outside a frosty cabin window close to the Sawtooth Mountain range. This particular morning it read -24F on the old thermometer, snow squeaks and equipment starts to break at that temp. 

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FOX Head | Winter Catalog

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes next to the Deschutes River in the new Fox Head Catalog.
The new FOX Head winter mountain bike catalog just landed in all of the bike shops around the globe. Pro-biker Kirt Voreis and myself had the opportunity to hit the hills with the new gear and photograph it on a cold stormy day in Oregon. First and foremost Kirt is a comedian and a mountain biker second, so it is always funny times heading out with him on missions. 

Kirt Voreis takes a moment to take in the winter scenery above the Deschutes River in Oregon.
Soaking it in. Kirt Voreis, Deschutes River, Oregon. 

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes on a cold morning in Bend Oregon.
 Get up to get down. Kirt Voreis on an early morning mission. 

Fox Head gloves for winter.

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes in Central Oregon.

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes with pads in some rocky sections of Oregon.

Kirt Voreis mountain bikes close to Dillon Falls in Bend Oregon.

Wheelie master. 

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