Patagonia Fall Catalog

A climber lays down on a portage.
Fall is in the air and with it comes Patagonia's seasonal catalog. There's a couple images in there that I photographed from a few years back from Iceland where Jacq Smith is looking over a map and another one from Basin and Range National Monument. As always its great to see photos in full bleed print.  

Jacq Smith looks over a map in Iceland.
Read the entire fall catalog (here). 


I have been photographing with CAIRN for a couple of years now, they're a fun local company and currently the largest outdoor subscription box company out there. They decided to do some behind the scenes filming with one of our overnight shoots and here's what they created, it came out well. 

The video features artist  Adam Haynes, James Nicol the founder of Snoplanks skis/snowboards and yours truly. 

Filmed and edited by: Ghost Village

New site

Tyler Roemer Photography website
Well compiling the last decades worth of work into one space is never easy, it's probably one of the biggest challenges that my job offers. Websites are never done there is always room for improvement. Most of the time editors or clients choose the photos that run but this time I have to put on my editor hat on. It's fun to go back through the archives and years of photos and decide which images are worthy, there are so many memories in there that I completely forgot about.

Anyways, here is the new site. Check it out when you get a chance. (HERE)

BIKE Mag | Sept / Oct 2017 Issue

Bike Magazine September and October Issue with Cam McCaul in Nevada.
Well, this might be one of the dustiest biking photos that I have photographed to date. Here's Cam McCaul in Nevada getting totally dusted over. I think we were finding dust everywhere for the next week including inside of my camera. This one landed in the BIKE Magazine BUZZ section, it's cool to see it in print. 

Here's a look at whats inside the September / October issue of BIKE Magazine. 

For more outdoor editorial photography visit Tyler Roemer Photography's official website (HERE)

Men's Fitness | July / August 2017 Issue

Rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park. Climber: Jesse Bernier Photo: Tyler Roemer
This image of my good friend Jesse landed in the July / August issue of Men's Fitness Magazine. I totally spaced that this was coming out to print. Jesse and I just got back into service after climbing in Yosemite and he said, "Hey, look! I'm in Men's Fitness Magazine!" He was pleasantly surprised.


Carson Storch and I teamed up to do a slice of life with SHIMANO called, 'This is Home'.  I shot the stills while Harrison Mendel and Liam Mullany shot the video. The full 'Photo Epic' can be viewed on Pinkbike's site (HERE). Projects like these always seem to be my favorite to shoot, getting those in between quirky moments and not necessarily the action images are more of a challenge most of the time. 

Featuring: Carson Storch
Directed by: Harrison Mendel
Cinematography By: Harrison Mendel and Liam Mullany
Edited By: Harrison Mendel
Sound Design: Racket Sound
Title Design: Studio Dialog
Still Photography: Tyler Roemer

Print promotional piece in FreeHub Magazine. 

Oregon Coast Visitor Guide

Last summer I was commissioned out to photograph in Florence Oregon for the Oregon Coast Visitor guide with  Szu Jay and Freddy Joe's awesome family. The last time I photographed horseback riding on the coast I almost died (or at least it felt like it) when the horse that I was riding freaked out and sprinted down the beach almost kicking me off. So I gladly chose to be on foot for this assignment. This was the last photo that I took of the day and it landed on the cover.

Check out 'The Official Oregon Coast 2017-2018 Visitor Guide' (here). 

BIKE Magazine - 2017 Photo Annual

Carson landing the opener for the Bike Magazines 2017 Photo Annual. There's some amazing images in there, compiling 30 pages of biking from all over the world . It's definitely worth flipping through when you get a chance. (here)

DAKINE - Carson Storch

Commercial photography - DAKINE CLOTHING AND GEAR. MTB
This no-hander in New Zealand is my favorite image that I've shot of Carson. This past winter we ventured out early in the morning, grabbed a cup of coffee and hiked up to this shark-fin. Carson straight aired it, 360'ed it, then he did this. It was amazing to watch through the lens. It felt like we were literally on the 'Lord of The Rings' set where hobbits or orcs would come walking up on us.

These two images landed on a print ad for DAKINE in the August 2017 issue of Bike Magazine, I like the way it turned out with minimal font and large photos. 


Nick Torutman
 Waterman, father and all around badass Nick Troutman ended up in an opener for MEN'S FITNESS Magazine. It's cool to get to know these kayakers, they all have unique personalities and style on the water that separate them from the rest of the crowd. These guys are tough as nails, it seems that half of the kayakers have broken or fractured ribs and they still boat like it's a simple commute to work. 

BIKE Magazine | turning the page

Bike magazine brice minnigh farewell letter.

 I feel honored to have my photo next to BIKE Mag editor Brice Minnigh farewell letter, this is Brice's last letter as an active editor in Bike. Brice is a talented writer and his words always get me inspired about biking and where it can take you.  I had the opportunity to get to know him during a BIKE BIBLE issue where he told me a little bit about his war journalist days and wild travel stories. He's onto new pursuits in life (South Africa) and I wish him the best, here's a little excerpt from page 19 of the July issue of Bike Mag. It's worth the read in its entirety.

"BIKE is much more than just a magazine. It is much more than a curated collection of inspired images and carefully considered words. And it is much more than a website, a social media network and an online compilation of mountain bike videos. Sure, all of these are essential components of a modern action-sports media brand. But as with most things of value, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the case of Bike, this ‘whole’ is the continued manifestation of an artistic concept - and of an ethos that embodies the spirit of what it means to be a mountain biker.”
 -Words by Brice Minnigh

Photo above is of Carson Storch in one of the dustiest areas that I have ever been in. 

Bike Magazine | Buzz

Carson Storch with a little mini flip-whip in the section of BIKE Mag BUZZ.

NRS Spring Catalog

Alec Voorhees drops a water fall in his kayak in washington state.
This  photo might be my fastest turn around to date, this image of kayaker Alec Voorhees went from the field to print within a day. The funny thing was that it wasn't even planned. I just wanted to shoot some kayaking and went out with a solid crew of boaters, NRS needed a cover to fill and voila.
Anyways, its amazing to watch these guys do what they love, you can feel the nervous energy building up before they are about to drop. This particular falls is 70-ish feet tall so the consequences are definitely there. 

Rocky Mountain Bicycles | Fourtified

Fourtified video Carson Storch New Zealand.
Over this past winter I made the last minute decision to do trip to New Zealand with pro-biker Carson Storch. We explored quite a bit of the South Island but mainly stayed around Queenstown, one of the projects that we worked on was for Rocky Mountain Bicycles new trail bike called the 'Altitude'.  I was shooting stills alongside the talented and young filmmaker Harrison Mendel. The video involves four of Rocky Mountain's team riders hence the name 'Fourtified'. 

More of the photos and info on the bike can be found here on Rocky Mountain's homepage (here). 

Fourtified from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.

Presented by Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Directed by Liam Mullany
Produced by Brian Park
Featuring Wade Simmons, RĂ©mi Gauvin, Vaea Verbeeck & Carson Storch
Filmed by Liam Mullany, Harrison Mendel & John Parkin
Edited by Liam Mullany
Colour by Sam Gilling
Post Production Sound by Keith White Audio
Original Music by Thinnen

YETI Coolers | Spring Catalog

Whitewater kayaking waterfall.
Here's one of Jacob Bouchelle from last summer that made it to Yeti Coolers internal sales print catalog for spring. Shooting kayaking on drops is one of my favorite subjects to photograph, it's intense, noisy, at times chaotic and you only get a split second to make an image happen. 
For more outdoor action sports photography visit Tyler Roemer Photography's official website (HERE)

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